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Task & Punishment Jar

If you read the Submissive Blog regularly, you may know me and my princess decided to take a short break from our BDSM relationship due to the Coronavirus lockdown (read our lockdown blog post). It was a difficult decision to make but an important one, due to limited in-person contact. The time has finally come

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Lockdown Domination

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing, it’s been difficult to maintain the total power exchange dynamic that I have with my princess. This part of our relationship usually works so well due to our regular in-person contact. Making Adjustments Near the beginning of lockdown, we discussed our BDSM dynamic and made a few adjustments to the

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From Dating To Submission

When I first started online dating to find a girlfriend, I never thought it would lead me on a kinky path to full submission and servitude. After spending quite a significant amount of time looking for someone online, I eventually took the nerve-wracking plunge to arrange dates with a few matches and things quickly escalated

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Benefits Of Daily Tasks

Being a submissive male, I love serving and pleasing my princess at every opportunity possible. Princess is kind enough to set me daily tasks for me to complete, these daily submissive tasks benefit my submission in various ways. Here are a few of the benefits I have noticed with the daily tasks: The Constant Reminder

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Male Chastity Tips

After discovering and experimenting with a selection of different male chastity devices, I have encountered a variety of difficulties and been learning more about chastity for men. In this blog post, I decided to put together a few tips which could benefit anyone interested or just getting started with male chastity. Here are eight chastity

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Financial Domination

There isn’t anything much more submissive than giving up financial control to your dominant. To many, it can feel uncomfortable, but I know my princess has the best of intentions and therefore I’ll happily surrender full control to her. Until recently, my princess has controlled different parts of my finances, I’m allowed regular expenses which

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Masturbation Denial Challenge

It’s been almost 10 months since I first experimented with male chastity devices and what an experience it has been. It turns out, my princess loves to keep me locked-up and denying orgasms, especially when we’re apart. With the start of a brand new year, it’s only right I allow my princess to set a

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BDSM: Total Power Exchange

There isn’t anything more powerful than a dominant having full control over their submissive, they’ll have power over everything from the time you wake up, to deciding if you can masturbate to even deciding what you can eat and drink. Recently, I have been showing more willingness to commit to a total power exchange (TPE)

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Domestic Servitude

As I continue my submissive journey, it has become increasingly apparent that I enjoy a high level of control, similar to those in a TPE (total power exchange) relationship. I love serving and worshipping my princess so much! Recently while my princess was working, I was locked in chastity and ordered to complete various chores

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Orgasm Control

After experimenting with male chastity devices, being locked for longer periods and enjoying the benefits of chastity, my princess quickly noticed my sudden urge to masturbate once I was released and the poor level of self-control I had. Princess decided it was time I learnt more self-control and discipline. At the beginning of the week,

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