It’s been almost 10 months since I first experimented with male chastity devices and what an experience it has been. It turns out, my princess loves to keep me locked-up and denying orgasms, especially when we’re apart.

With the start of a brand new year, it’s only right I allow my princess to set a few new years resolutions, challenges and rules for 2020.

Challenge: The Year Of Self Masturbation Denial

The challenge aims to prevent me from masturbating when I’m alone, keep me locked in a chastity device for longer periods of time and ensure my princess gets what she deserves, much more pleasure and satisfaction than me!

Rules For The Masturbation Denial Challenge:

  • The challenge runs for the entire length of 2020
  • I won’t be allowed to masturbate alone, under any circumstances
  • I’ll remain in chastity apart from certain occasions and tasks
  • My princess will decide if and when I am allowed to orgasm

Consequences For Challenge Failure:

If I fail the challenge it will result in the following punishments…

  • Eat a full banana – I hate bananas‚Ķ Yuck!
  • One month I’ll have completely no orgasms or pleasure
  • Permanent chastity, I’ll always be locked when I’m alone
  • Pay ¬£50 fine, I must kneel and count cash into princess’s hand
  • Purchase all makeup in store for my princess for an entire year
  • Feminisation for a full day, I’ll wash, smell, act and look like a girl
  • 10 electric shocks to each testicle and 10 hard kicks from princess
  • Slave for a day, involves all cooking, cleaning, time-consuming tasks, human foot stall and offer back massages, basically anything!

Update (22 January 2020): Challenge Failed

On 22nd January, I officially failed the 2020 challenge of no self-masturbation. Yes, out of 12 months, I didn’t even complete a single month. After I masturbated I felt awful, disobedient and ashamed of myself. I told princess and will complete all the punishments required from this challenge.

A brand new challenge has already been set up and agreed to. Visit our new challenges page to find out more details.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my challenge for 2020. If you have any ideas for upcoming challenges, feel free to let me know in the comments, I’m sure my princess will love some ideas for the future…