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  1. Hi Just wanted to share a couple things.
    First a cock cage and chastity can be very rewarding.
    To eliminate the spray and splatter when urinating. first you remove your shirt, then drop your pants and thong/panties/etc. to the floor.
    Next you kneel in front of the bowl (on something if it is too high)
    then place your caged cock and balls on the rim/inside and pee.
    Should someone else be in need, be creative or get a birds eye view.

    To eliminate the wet spot form any leakage, you are to wear a panty liner in you r panties/thong/etc. Adds to the fun and her control.

  2. Am a little confused by feelings of need to be guided by a woman is that strange?

    • I wouldn’t worry about if it feels strange to you at the moment, most things are until you try them. When I first started serving my princess, it felt a little strange, nowadays it’s pretty normal for me!

  3. I am submissive by Nate but only to females love being made naked I don’t like make up but misstress insists every Friday is maintaining strapping

  4. Dear Rich:

    Why did you decide to enter a FLR relationship? Did you guys read about it and wanted to try it? Did she want it and you went along?

    I ask because I believe that society would, literally, be better off if relations were FL. The established patriarchy is what led us to a divorce rate of 1 in 2.

    Most women are nurturers. Most men are not. Nurturers need to lead relationships.

    I ask because I’d like to live this way for the rest of my life, but my boyfriend is has bought the entire hyper-masculine role that society gave him. It is his MO, but he has a sensitive side that could allow it. What I would give! Amen to less arguing! Amen to better sex. Life just flows organically! What a sublime way to live!

    So again I ask, what made you decide to let your relationship blossom though FLR?

    • Rich

      24th May 2020 at 12:05 pm

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve always been interested in an FLR after discovering about BDSM and learning more about it online, during this time I discovered I had a lot of submissive tendencies. I introduced my partner into the world of BDSM, fortunately, she is naturally dominant so it works well!

      Once we discussed the dominant/submissive dynamic we made a list of different fetishes and began to explore, we both found it fun and exciting and over time it’s continually evolved into a full FLR.

      You could introduce your boyfriend into male chastity devices, it’s truly amazing how powerful one of these cages can be, it quickly made me feel more submissive and eager to please my partner. It allows us to have better sex, I appreciate my orgasms much more and feel closer with my partner. It took time getting used to chastity but as I got used to the cage with time, I found myself enjoying it more and more.

  5. My Mistress decides my tasks to keep home comfortable. We both be work from home.
    She does some tasks. I do 90 percent cooking. All kitchen cleaning. Unless I’ll.
    80 percent laundry. Mistress would rather do ironing, than try to train me
    She could use that time for other things.
    The spankings bare hand bare butt. So far just birthdays. First ten we’re for birthdays 1-4. We are up to 18. Next will be 37 for 18 and 19.
    She is happy with your blog. I do the writing. She’s hoping I can continue
    The Dating to Submissive, blog. This is part of my humiliation.

  6. Instead of having her set tasks for you Rich, take the initiative, look around the house, find them, and do them without being asked. My wife brings me over to her mother’s house each Sunday at noon, so we can have dinner, and spend time with her mom. I clean up, and wash the dishes, then spend the afternoon cleaning house, ironing her mom’s dresses, and both bathrooms get a good scrub down from me. Meanwhile my wife, and her mom relax, & visit in the living room, and I serve them coffee, or bring a tray of cake to them periodically.

    Do you spend time cleaning your Princess’s mom’s home weekly?

    • Great idea Edward. I do regular household chores and tasks that need to be completed without question. I don’t clean her mom’s house as this side of our relationship is kept discrete.

  7. Today she put the fear into my activities for the day it happened. She pick out a white stripped cotton panty. She then gave a brown denim pair of women’s jeans.
    They would have nice three years ago. I have now lost seventy pounds in three years.
    I was having a hard time keeping them up. I was in fear of my panties showing. .If I didn’t move fast my jeans would be noticed.
    I had my eyes tested first for new glasses. The lady had to take longer for far vision got worst. When she got done she told many men wear their wives jeans. I have a special pair for my husband, our secret.
    I then went to get a CAT scan of my back. I thought I get a hospital gown and lay on my back and no one would know. Wrong, I laid on my back and to pull my pants to my hips.
    The one a male tech, was a 30 something. He threw a sheet over me. He said no one else will know. My wife has me wearing them.
    I got home told me wife everything. She told me she just wanted to put fear.
    I went to the same place to get eye tested as she did seven months before.
    She asked me to describe the person that gave the exam.
    I said her name was Debbie. She said that’s who gave her the idea of putting you in panties.
    She told me as she getting in the chair, Debbie was silencing her phone when
    she is with a client. It rang she got startled. The phone went in the air my wife caught it. She couldn’t help seeing the message from her husband. (” Which panties do you want to wear when you get home.).
    How long was your testing she asked.
    I said,( 20 minutes.)
    She said mine was 40. We chatted for 20. I went next door got you pack of panties and got some of mine ready. I got home you went to get us Italian dinner and your new drawer was ready when you got back We had to microwave our dinner for we had fun first.

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