One of my princesses favourite toys has to be The Stinger which is an electro play wand. The wand has a cattle prod style design and when it’s zapped on the skin it makes a crack sound and even has visible sparks.

The Stinger is 15 inches long, made from hard plastic and requires two AA batteries. This toy is easy to use and with a single press of the button, it charges the contact pins allowing you to start playing very quickly.

From a submissive view, this electro play wand certainly creates a more intense atmosphere during a session. You can’t hear any noise from the device until you are zapped which helps increase adrenaline. This device is also a useful threat that my princess can use if I misbehave or need to be punished.

Priced at £34.99 this electro wand is well priced and a good investment.

The only bad points are the length (15 inches) which can make it difficult to transport and storing it if you only have limited space.

From past experience, the wand can hold some charge even once the batteries have been removed, which can make it possible to accidentally shock yourself. Lovehoney, advise to remove the batteries and rest the pins against a grounded item which will emit one final zap and the wand will be ready for storage.

Would We Recommend?

Yes!! Me and my princess would highly recommend this electro play wand, it definitely helps create a different atmosphere in the bedroom.

You can check out the Doc Johnson The Stinger on the Lovehoney website.