Challenge: 6 Months Of Self Masturbation Denial

This challenge is similar to my previous masturbation denial challenge, however, due to my failure the duration has been reduced to 6 months.

Rules For the Challenge:

  • Challenge runs from 22nd January to 22nd July 2020 at 10am
  • I won’t be allowed to masturbate alone, under any circumstances
  • I’ll remain in chastity apart from certain occasions and tasks
  • My princess will decide if and when I am allowed to orgasm

Consequences For Challenge Failure:

  • Drink a full protein shake which I dislike
  • Eat a full banana – I hate bananas… Yuck!
  • Restricted phone and/or computer use – Details TBC
  • Pay £130 fine, I must kneel and count cash into princess’s hand. Must be paid within 7 days, late payments incur interest of £2.60 per day.
  • Purchase all makeup in store for my princess for another year
  • 12 electric shocks to each testicle and 15 hard kicks from princess
  • I’ll be tied, restrained, blindfolded and abandoned for at least 1 hour
  • Line writing, 200 ‘I must not disobey my princess again.’ lines written on pen and paper while being completely naked, not allowed to split task
  • Slave for 6 days, involves all cooking, cleaning, time-consuming tasks, human foot stall and offer back massages, basically anything!

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