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The Submissive Journey

Imagine stumbling across adult kink related content as a teenager, being intrigued and wanting to find out more. This is how my submissive journey began…

I’m Rich a submissive that has recently begun to explore the kink scene with a beautiful dominant Princess. After discovering other blogs, I wanted to share my journey from the early stages.

From A Vanilla Relationship To A Kinky One

Due to my previous interest in the lifestyle, I decided to introduce my partner into the world of BDSM, we started to have more conversations about this topic and I shared my interest in being submissive and discussed a variety of different fetishes. Luckily for me, my partner was very open to trying new things and enjoys being the dominant one in our relationship.

Once we realised we wanted to incorporate more kink into our relationship, we created a simple list of different fetishes and shared which ones we would like to experiment with.

So far, we have purchased a variety of toys and began to try a range of different fetishes including bondage, spanking, orgasm control, using blindfolds, gags, whips and a chastity device (at the time of writing this blog post, I am currently locked up for my Princess).

Continuing My Submissive Lifestyle

I am really excited and looking forward to continuing my submissive journey and serving my Princess. I’ll be using this blog to share my stories and experiences from time to time as I progress. Please feel free to bookmark the blog or leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Today she put the fear into my activities for the day it happened. She pick out a white stripped cotton panty. She then gave a brown denim pair of women’s jeans.
    They would have nice three years ago. I have now lost seventy pounds in three years.
    I was having a hard time keeping them up. I was in fear of my panties showing. .If I didn’t move fast my jeans would be noticed.
    I had my eyes tested first for new glasses. The lady had to take longer for far vision got worst. When she got done she told many men wear their wives jeans. I have a special pair for my husband, our secret.
    I then went to get a CAT scan of my back. I thought I get a hospital gown and lay on my back and no one would know. Wrong, I laid on my back and to pull my pants to my hips.
    The one a male tech, was a 30 something. He threw a sheet over me. He said no one else will know. My wife has me wearing them.
    I got home told me wife everything. She told me she just wanted to put fear.
    I went to the same place to get eye tested as she did seven months before.
    She asked me to describe the person that gave the exam.
    I said her name was Debbie. She said that’s who gave her the idea of putting you in panties.
    She told me as she getting in the chair, Debbie was silencing her phone when
    she is with a client. It rang she got startled. The phone went in the air my wife caught it. She couldn’t help seeing the message from her husband. (” Which panties do you want to wear when you get home.).
    How long was your testing she asked.
    I said,( 20 minutes.)
    She said mine was 40. We chatted for 20. I went next door got you pack of panties and got some of mine ready. I got home you went to get us Italian dinner and your new drawer was ready when you got back We had to microwave our dinner for we had fun first.

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