Humiliation is a very common fetish. This fetish is individual to the submissive, as what one sub considers to be humiliating another may not find it humiliating at all.

As a submissive man, I enjoy being humiliated and the feeling of losing respect for myself. My princess usually provides a few tasks which will make me feel humiliated, these often include an element of feminisation or could be a task that has to be completed in a public area. When I encounter the feeling of being humiliated I become even more eager to serve my princess.

Here are 10 humiliation ideas for submissive men:

  1. Locked in chastity – Send the submissive to work or to complete shopping while being locked up, this is ideal for anyone new to chastity.
  2. Kissing the floor – Request the submissive to kiss the floor before you walk on it. This is great for a quick humiliating task when in a public area.
  3. Branded submissive – The submissive could write your name or a humiliating message on their body. Perhaps even a tattoo (depending on limits).
  4. Shave or waxing – Make the submissive have a shave or wax a certain area of their body, this could be a little painful and humiliating at the same time.
  5. Public masturbation – Make the submissive masturbate in a public area. They’ll be constantly on edge while they masturbate.
  6. Eating from a pet dish – Make the submissive eat their food on the floor with only their mouth from a pet dish, they’ll feel like a dog.
  7. Clean with their tongue – Get the submissive to clean different objects with just their tongue (e.g. toilet seats, shoes, flooring).
  8. Wearing feminine clothing or makeup – The submissive could dress up at home or be ordered to go out in public wearing underwear.
  9. Purchase feminine products from a store – Make the submissive visit a local store and purchase certain items (e.g. makeup, clothes, perfume).
  10. Get a manicure or facial – Why not make the submissive have a manicure or facial at the local beauty salon? They’ll enjoy it and feel humiliated.

All these humiliation ideas can be customised and adapted for each submissive. Why not consider increasing the duration of tasks, adding more items or adding more public scenarios into these ideas. Have fun and be creative.

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