There isn’t anything much more submissive than giving up financial control to your dominant. To many, it can feel uncomfortable, but I know my princess has the best of intentions and therefore I’ll happily surrender full control to her.

Until recently, my princess has controlled different parts of my finances, I’m allowed regular expenses which we have previously agreed to, although anything that comes outside of these expenses must be approved by her first. Princess may also ask to see the balance of my account at any time.

With a recent challenge failure, I had to pay a fine of £50 while kneeling and counting the cash into her hand. While counting the cash into my princesses hands, I was feeling nervous, humiliated but was enjoying every moment of it, even wishing I had more notes to count. After counting the cash, my princess made me kiss her perfect feet and thank her for giving her the money.

Why Financial Domination

To anyone not familiar with a Dom/Sub relationship financial domination can sound a crazy idea. Why would someone want to hand over their hard-earned money for nothing in return? Well, it can ultimately turn the relationship into a TPE (total power exchange) where the dominant is in control of the most aspects of the submissives life. This lifestyle isn’t suitable for everyone.

Wikipedia explains that “Financial domination is a sexual fetish, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, where a submissive will give gifts and money to a financial dominant”.

Financial domination isn’t just about the money. For a submissive it can be:

  • Humiliating handing over money, especially having to kneel in front of your owner while handing over the cash and thanking them for the privilege.
  • Rewarding. Yes, It can be rewarding for a submissive, knowing they’ve helped contribute towards their owner’s expenses and lifestyle.

Risks Of Financial Domination

Financial domination can carry a lot of risks, especially if the dominant and submissive aren’t in an active relationship together or a submissive is serving an online mistress. Submissives may face a lack of money, social issues, losing a job, guilt and even bankruptcy if the fetish is taken out of hand.

I want to make it clear… I’ve been with my princess for a long time now and only recently I have decided to give up full financial control to her. I had to persuade her to take control and have had several discussions before agreeing to start involving money within our Dom/Sub relationship.

Our Financial Domination Arrangement

You might be wondering, how much financial control does my princess actually have? Well, the short answer is almost everything, but here’s an idea.

Bank Account – Princess can request to see my current bank account balance and see all the transactions at any time. She may also request login access.

Spending Agreement – I’m allowed to pay regular bills such as telephone, rent, fuel, etc. However, anything outside of our agreement, I must ask beforehand.

Impose Fines – Princess may impose a fine as a punishment or simply request the money. These fines are usually based on my behaviour, can include interest rates and be scheduled over a long term agreement.

This type of arrangement isn’t suitable for everyone. I would highly encourage any submissive to take care when enterting into such a powerful type of domination. Without having clear communication, boundaries set in place, understanding your dominants motives and a strong ongoing relationship, financial domination can quickly have devastating and life-changing impacts.

The Submissive Journey Continues…

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. As always, I am looking forward to continuing my journey and sharing more posts on the blog. Please feel free to leave a comment below and share any financial domination stories below, I read all the comments and would love to hear from you.

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