After discovering and experimenting with a selection of different male chastity devices, I have encountered a variety of difficulties and been learning more about chastity for men. In this blog post, I decided to put together a few tips which could benefit anyone interested or just getting started with male chastity.

Here are eight chastity tips…

Get A Correctly Sized Chastity Cage

One of the first big mistakes I made was not purchasing a correctly sized cage. Having purchased a standard chastity cage with only one ring, I quickly realised the ring was too large when I started to relax, which meant it was easy to remove, especially during washing. It’s worth measuring yourself and may even be worth purchasing a cage with a selection of different rings.

Don’t Rush Into Long Term Chastity

While it sounds exciting to enter into a long term chastity arrangement, it’s certainly not advisable. For anyone not familiar with wearing a cage it can quickly become challenging when you experience something like a nightly erection or a noisy padlock (I’ll be covering these in more detail in later tips). It’s advisable to start slowly and building up the duration gradually.

Discrete Chastity Devices

Not all chastity devices are discrete with everyday clothing, a lot depends on the size and shape of the cage. When I first started chastity for a few days, I quickly decided to purchase tighter-fitting boxers to help the cage look and feel more discrete. Exercising can also be a challenge if the cage is bouncing around, I have found tight-fitting swimming trunks and boxers can help eliminate this issue.

Nightly Erections

Imagine getting cosy in bed and falling into a deep sleep, then suddenly waking up because you feel discomfort from the cage only to realise you have an erection and can’t remove it. To anyone new to chastity, erections and the discomfort may come as a surprise, however, it’s very common. I’ve found focusing on something else like a puzzle book or simply going to the toilet can help. Over time, you’ll get used to the erections and it won’t be an issue.

Noisy Padlocks

Depending on the style and material of the chastity cage, it’s common for the padlocks to hit the cage which can be noisy. To combat this, some chastity devices contain a built-in lock, alternatively, I’ve found a small piece of blue tack underneath the lock can help keep it in place.


Regular cleaning is important or you may experience skin irritation. Each chastity device is different and certain cages can be cleaned easier than others. Bathing regularly can help keep the cage clean. You can also use a cotton bud to clean the cage in difficult to access areas. Depending on the device, it may be worth discussing a cleaning routine with your key-holder to ensure appropriate hygiene.


After a while of being locked in chastity with no orgasm, frustration can quickly set in. Frustration can happen a lot faster for some men, it will all depend on their experience and if there’s been any teasing and denial involved. Keeping occupied will help distract you from the frustration but it won’t completely disappear.

Awaiting Orgasms

Men can easily become more submissive and needy when they’ve been locked in chastity for a while, after all, the key-holder will usually determine if and when the male will be let out of the cage. For men, it would be advisable to comply with the rules or your next orgasm may be further away than you realise! 😉

The Submissive Journey Continues…

I hope you enjoyed reading and found these chastity tips useful. I am looking forward to continuing my submissive journey and sharing more blog posts in the future. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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