After experimenting with male chastity devices, being locked for longer periods and enjoying the benefits of chastity, my princess quickly noticed my sudden urge to masturbate once I was released and the poor level of self-control I had.

Princess decided it was time I learnt more self-control and discipline.

At the beginning of the week, my princess immediately banned all masturbation without being locked in chastity until Wednesday. I wanted to please her and promised I wouldn’t masturbate, yet I knew this would be difficult and challenging, I found myself craving to be locked-up to avoid touching myself.

Occasionally I’d find myself touching my penis and wanting to masturbate, however, I remembered my princesses exact words…

“You won’t have any wanks, you want to please me, don’t you?”

This was powerful enough to prevent me from masturbating and every single time I felt the urge, I would be reminded of her saying it.

Within our relationship, there is a high-level of power exchange. I prefer my princess taking control of most aspects, which include daily rules such as the times I must be awake and specific bedtimes, of course, it’s only right that she is in full control of my orgasms, after all my penis is her property.

Benefits Of Orgasm Control

  • Pleasing my princess – It’s want she wants and expects
  • Builds more self-control and controlling my release
  • Increases testosterone levels and makes genitals more sensitive
  • Better sex – I appreciate it much more, which makes it worth the wait
  • It saves time throughout the day

With all the benefits above it definitely outweighs the challenging and difficult times of orgasm control. Whether I am enforced into chastity or simply denied orgasms, I know my princess has the best intentions for me.

My Princesses Thoughts

I asked what she likes about controlling my orgasms, here’s what she said…

“When I’m in control you show a lot more emotions. I know when I’m in charge as you become needier, you want more attention and I feel like you need me more.”

I can’t help but agree with what my princess said. Having her in control of all my orgasms makes me feel a lot closer to her even if she’s miles away, I feel as though I become more submissive and can’t live without her.

The Submissive Journey Continues…

The more I continue to explore the kink world, the more it confirms I am naturally submissive and how much I crave being controlled by a powerful, strong woman!

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