Being a submissive male, I love serving and pleasing my princess at every opportunity possible. Princess is kind enough to set me daily tasks for me to complete, these daily submissive tasks benefit my submission in various ways.

Here are a few of the benefits I have noticed with the daily tasks:

The Constant Reminder Of Servitude

One main benefit of regular tasks is that I feel more submissive towards my dominant. Princess is always in my thoughts and is my top priority, I am kept in check and disciplined regularly if needed.

Establishes A Routine & More Productivity

With regular tasks, it has successfully helped in establishing a daily routine and made me more productive every day. I know and understand if I fail to complete all my tasks I will be punished, I just won’t know how serious the punishments will be until it’s too late…

Feeling More Accomplished

Feeling more accomplished every day that I am allowed to serve. Not only do I feel more accomplished for my submission, but I also feel more accomplished in my day to day life due to the routine and productivity aspects.

Opportunity For Rewards & Punishments

Depending on my overall behaviour and whether or not the daily tasks have been completed to a high standard, I may either be rewarded or punished.

Creating Daily Submissive Tasks

Creating tasks can be challenging in itself. If you haven’t already established likes, dislikes and limits, it’s important to have a conversation to identify these, as it could impact any tasks or punishments. Once the preferences have been decided, you can proceed with creating ideas, it’s worth creating a list which can be helpful to turn to when setting these tasks regularly.

Here are 5 submissive task ideas to help: 

  1. Spanking – The submissive will endure hard spanking
  2. Corner time – Make the submissive sit in the corner
  3. Line writing – Make the submissive write repetitive lines
  4. Orgasm denial – The submissive will lose an orgasm
  5. Chastity – The submissive must be locked in a chastity device

Hopefully, the tasks above will help spark your imagination with more ideas, remember you can always use household chores and add a kinky twist.

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The Submissive Journey & Tasks Continues…

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it useful. I look forward to continuing my submissive journey and sharing more posts.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share any other task suggestions, I would love to hear from any of the blog readers.

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