When I first started online dating to find a girlfriend, I never thought it would lead me on a kinky path to full submission and servitude.

After spending quite a significant amount of time looking for someone online, I eventually took the nerve-wracking plunge to arrange dates with a few matches and things quickly escalated and I found myself within a vanilla relationship, or at least that’s what I thought.

Once a few months had passed, I decided to breach the conversation about BDSM with my girlfriend, as she has always had a dominating persona and enjoys having control of different situations it quickly became clear that a Dom/Sub relationship would be created.

After we both had an in-depth discussion about a variety of fetishes and limits together, I quickly began to serve my dominant girlfriend and what a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience it has been so far.

Our Dom/Sub relationship all started with random tasks, anything from naked corner time, domestic servitude, to completing chores naked. After a short amount of time, I even found myself locked up in a male chastity device for a few days at a time and was enjoying every minute of it

As we both become more experienced, my dominant girlfriend who I now refer to as my princess has taken charge of many more aspects of my life and we have set rules and protocols in place which has allowed us to create the perfect Dom/Sub relationship we both desire.

These days our relationship would now be considered by most people as a total power exchange (TPE) simply because of the amount of control my princess has over various aspects of me and our relationship. Here are a few different parts my princess has control over:

Orgasm & Masturbation Control

Princess will decide if and when I can have an orgasm which is usually based on my general behaviour. My princess will usually keep me locked in chastity when she isn’t around too, preventing me from having any pleasure while I’m alone. I’ll occasionally receive a teasing message from princess saying she has just had an amazing time with her vibrator, she’ll deliberately send these messages knowing I’m locked up and sacrificing my pleasure for her.

Diet & Weight Control

I’m allowed a specific number of healthy meals, drinks and snacks each day, anything outside of this I’ll have to ask permission before I consume it. I also send weekly weigh-ins by a specific time and may be punished for not having received the correct results, usually if I’m trying to lose some weight.

Health & Fitness Regime

Princess can decide any health and fitness regimes I must complete at any time. I could be told to complete anything from pull-ups, push-ups, exercise classes to completing a full health regime for weeks or even months at a time.

Specified Bedtimes & Device Restrictions

I must be in bed by a specific time and my electronic devices have restrictions set-up, therefore my princess can force my devices to shutdown at a certain time and even limit particular software or websites I may use. If I need to be punished, I may have my mobile taken away or social media accounts blocked.

Financial Domination

My princess has full control and access to my finances. I must always ask permission to make a purchase. If I disobey commands, fail to complete tasks or punishments, I may also receive a fine which must be paid by a specific time or my princess could even decide to take a higher amount from my account herself.

As you can tell I’m incredibly fortunate and lucky to have such an amazing dominant girlfriend in my life that is willing to take control of myself and our relationship. It’s been beneficial for both of us, we are closer and more connected than ever before and I would be lost without her.

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