Feminisation which is often referred to as sissification is a common fetish for submissive men. It requires the male to take on a more feminine role which may include wearing make-up, cross-dressing or acting like a female.

As a submissive man, I enjoy forced feminisation, which requires my princess ordering me to either wear make-up, cross-dress or act feminine. Luckily, I have a safe space to explore my feminine side. This fetish allows me to feel vulnerable, feel differently about myself and can even positively impact my emotions.

What’s Involved With Forced Feminisation

Within our BDSM relationship princess may require me to wear women’s clothing, wash, apply make-up, act feminine or be called a girl. These types of activities take place when princess commands. Often, forced feminisation can be incorporated into daily tasks or punishments which can increase the complexity.

Buying Make-Up & Clothing

Most of the products used within forced feminisation are purchased during previous tasks and punishments, here are two previous examples:

Within a previous daily task, my princess had ordered me to purchase a selection of make-up (e.g. lipstick, nail polish, foundation) which can feel very humiliating for a submissive man to buy from a store, I had to provide an in-store receipt to prove I made the purchase in a physical store. The make-up is added to our collection and used for future tasks and punishments.

As part of a previous punishment, I had to hand over my bank card for my princess to go shopping with. This shopping trip allowed my princess to purchase feminine clothing for me, she ended up buying a dress, pair of high heel shoes, skirt, bra and panties. During the shopping trip, my princess walked me around the store and decided what she wanted, I followed her around carrying the shopping, we got to the till she paid with my card and handed me the shopping to carry around. What a strange but rewarding experience!

Feminisation Tasks & Punishments

Occasionally some of the tasks and punishments I receive will be associated with feminisation. Here are a few examples:

  • Wear full make-up
  • Wearing a nighty to bed
  • Corner time wearing a dress
  • Made to wear nail polish
  • Full makeover and photoshoot
  • Girly shopping either alone or with my princess
  • Girly evening with my princess (Face mask, painting our nails, etc)

Why I Enjoy Feminisation?

For me, I feel feminisation allows me to express myself differently. While I am completing feminisation tasks or punishments, I often find my emotions change and that I am having a break from activities (like work) and responsibilities disappear for a short period, almost feeling like I am resetting myself.

Also, feminisation can make me feel humiliated (which is another fetish I enjoy) and it’s also a reminder of how submissive I am for my princess.

Continuing The Submissive Journey…

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about feminisation within our Dom/Sub relationship. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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