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5 Fun Chastity Games

It should be a privilege for submissive men to surrender the key to their locked chastity device to their dominant. Why not have some fun and incorporate a few games? These games could decide the duration the Sub will remain in chastity or whether the cage can be unlocked straightaway. Here Are 5 Fun Chastity

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Male Chastity Tips

After discovering and experimenting with a selection of different male chastity devices, I have encountered a variety of difficulties and been learning more about chastity for men. In this blog post, I decided to put together a few tips which could benefit anyone interested or just getting started with male chastity. Here are eight chastity

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Locked In Chastity

After placing an order for a variety of sex toys and briefly seeing male cock cages, I became more intrigued, wanted to know more and what it felt like to be locked in a chastity device. I quickly started to look online at different cages and decided to read a couple of blog posts. I

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