Since beginning my journey to becoming the perfect submissive for my princess, I have recently discovered the enjoyment of fear play in different situations.

According to Wikipedia, fear play is an activity involving the use of fear to create arousal but doesn’t offer the submissive pleasure or arousal through a rush of endorphins, but rather a terrifying mental state which triggers an adrenaline rush.

The most common types of fear used in our relationship are abandonment and humiliation, which can be incorporated into playtime or with various punishments (see my other blog post about punishments here).

For me, the majority of fear comes from sensory deprivation, this can include being blindfolded or restricting my hearing. Here are a few different scenarios.

Scenario 1

One of the first times I have experienced fear play was when my princess restrained me to the bed and placed a blindfold on me. My princess would deliberately make different sounds to keep me in suspense, for example, moving a Wartenberg pinwheel but instead using a different toy such as a flogger.

Scenario 2

Another similar experience was when I was stripped, tied to the bed while being locked in chastity, blindfolded and made to wear earphones which were playing music to prevent me from hearing other noises in the room. Once I was fully restrained, my princess left for some exercise, I didn’t have any idea of how long she would be or what would be coming next.

Fear In Tasks & Punishments

While I have recently been completing tasks and punishments for my princess, I have also noticed the fear element being added. For example, one of my recent punishments was to paint a few of my toenails bright red with nail polish (I was tasked to purchase nail polish a few days prior to this punishment), I can’t remove this without permission and my princess is keeping me in suspense.

While in the process of writing this blog post, I have also reminded myself that my princess also asked me to purchase different makeup along with the nail polish. Perhaps this will be for an upcoming task or punishment, I’ll be constantly wondering what’s going to be coming next…

My Submissive Journey Continues…

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