Since our Dominant/Submissive relationship started a few years ago, we have learned more about kink and how our dynamic works. As I’m in a 24/7 female-led relationship, punishments aren’t uncommon. Over the course of time some punishments are becoming more of a funishment.

What’s The Difference?

Funishment is a word in the kink community that describes the act of a punishment which the submissive finds arousing. As the name suggests, a submissive would find this activity fun and it wouldn’t help when disciplining or trying to correct a submissive’s behaviour.

Punishments on the other hand shouldn’t be fun or desired by the submissive. An effective punishment should be used to discipline a submissive and correct their behaviour.

Dominants must understand what the submissive likes and dislikes are for effective training. Remember, what someone finds a punishment someone else may consider it to be a funishment.

Here are a few ideas about the difference between punishments and funishments in our relationship:

Funishment Ideas

  • Wearing make-up, dressing up or painting nails
  • Corner time (under 20 minutes)
  • Line writing (under 100 lines)
  • Naked exercises at home
  • Washing mouth out with soap
  • Financial domination (with small tributes)

Punishment Ideas

  • Orgasm denial
  • CBT / Ball busting
  • Eating disliked food
  • Corner time (60+ minutes) in uncomfortable positions
  • Line writing (500+ lines) becomes very repetitive
  • Financial domination with large demands and debts

The Submissive Journey Continues

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