The time has come for our first-ever debt agreement.

As a submissive that’s into financial domination, I’ve always fantasied about entering a long-term debt contact with my Princess. While it’s an exciting idea for me, it’s also scary to commit to a debt without knowing the amounts involved.

As part of a recent punishment my Princess demanded me to agree to a debt contract. Once the debt agreement was mentioned, I had to wait for Princess to decide the debt amount, interest, payment period and any additional fees that would be associated with the agreement.

After an agonising wait, my Princess decided on the following amounts:

Initial Debt: £400
Interest: 3% Per Week
Min Payment: £30 Each Monday (Before 12pm)
Admin Fee: £2 Per Payment
Late Payment: £10 Fee

Debt Contract Terms

Once the details of the debt were finalised, my Princess demanded me to sign a debt contract, which outlined all the costs and terms. Within the terms it specifies the agreement can only be terminated once the debt has been paid in full and the minimum payment is due by 12pm every Monday.

There is no escaping any financial commitment with my Princess, once a contract has been signed my Princess has full control and expects the agreements to be honoured. Failure to make payments could result in unlimited punishments or public exposure… plus Princess can also recover the debt through slave’s credit card or bank account which she has full control over.

Thanks For Reading This Blog Post

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and has given you an insight into our first-ever debt contract. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your own financial domination stories, I’d love to hear them!

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