Once I had a conversation with my partner about being her submissive, we began to discuss the idea of masturbation control and quickly put rules in place. To this day, my princess remains in full control of when and how much I can masturbate, that’s if I am granted permission at all.

How My Masturbation Control Started

Before having a chastity device, my princess set the rule of making sure I told her every time I masturbated without failure, or there would be a punishment.

After a while, my princess began to take more control by setting the number of times I was allowed to masturbate each week. It started by reducing the amount I could have per week and later changing to a pyramid effect, where I could have more at the beginning of a week and gradually reduce the amount each day.

Giving Up More Control

As our relationship continues to grow, there are more aspects my partner is taking control of, some of which includes monitoring my daily tasks and chores, failure to complete these can result in losing the number of times I am allowed to masturbate or result in another punishment of her choosing.

Set Time For Masturbation

Until recently, my masturbation could have been at any time during the day, but recently a new rule has been introduced where if I am permitted to masturbate, I must do this between certain times of the day. Having set times has proven to be beneficial and helped with daily productivity levels.

Benefits Of Masturbation Control

In my personal opinion, there are a few different benefits of having my masturbation controlled by my dominant. I feel my relationship with my princess is much stronger and we have a deeper connection, I also feel as though I have taken masturbation for granted at times and therefore appreciate it much more when I am allowed to indulge myself.

My Submissive Journey Continues…

Please be sure to bookmark the blog. I’ll be writing more posts in the near future about control, punishments and so much more as I continue on my submissive journey. Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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