During the last few months, I have been surrendering even more control for my princess. After a lot of conversations, we agreed it was time to update and rewrite our rules to reflect the changes in our Dom/Sub relationship.

Take a look at our updated rules and protocols:


  • The Submissive must provide Princess with a weekly weigh-in.
  • The Submissive must clean teeth by 09:30 during the week.
  • The Submissive must complete the task and food log by 23:00.

General Rules

  • The Submissive must immediately confess to any failures.
  • The Submissive must have permission to shave.
  • The Submissive must not watch porn without permission.
  • The Submissive must not consume alcohol without permission.
  • The Submissive must complete tasks and punishments within the timeframe.
  • The Submissive must follow orders, food restrictions or will be punished.
  • Princess has the authority to increase tasks or punishments at her discretion.
  • Princess may remove or sell assets that belong to the Submissive.

Financial Domination

  • Princess controls the Submissive’s bank account.
  • Princess withholds and can use the Submissive’s credit card.
  • The Submissive must ask permission before making any purchase.
  • Princess may demand money or an agreement with the Submissive.
  • Late payments will incur a minimum of 20% interest per day.


  • The Submissive will remain locked in chastity unless Princess specifies.
  • The Submissive must wear cage when asked or will be fined.
  • The Submissive must not remove the chastity device or will be fined.
  • The Submissive will report any issue with the device to Princess.

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed reading our updated rules. If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll let my princess know.

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