Training a submissive involves rectifying poor behaviour through punishments, although a Dominant needs to recognise and reward good behaviour from time to time to maintain a healthy and successful relationship.

As a submissive, it’s not uncommon to complete a large proportion of domestic tasks and chores for their dominant partner. Occasionally, a submissive can feel overwhelmed and even feel like they’re being taken for granted. An easy way to help prevent these feelings is through recognition and rewards.

Not only can rewards and recognition be helpful during training but they can also fuel the servitude of a submissive, which could lead to the submissive completing even more tasks and chores, sometimes even without being told to.

My princess will praise me when I am behaving correctly. She’ll say something like “good boy” or “good slut”, which indicates I am completing the job to her standard.

Reward Points

Another method my princess uses during our Dom/Sub relationship is by using a point reward system. My princess will reward good behaviour with several points that are redeemable with various rewards.

The reward points are a good incentive as poor behaviour may result in points getting deducted, which can act as another form of punishment.

Submissive Rewards

Rewards will be different for each submissive depending on their fetishes. Here are a handful of ideas used in our relationship.

  • Gifts
  • New BDSM toy
  • Extra orgasms
  • Extra privileges
  • Play session of my ideas
  • Shopping trips (feminisation shopping)
  • Food treat (dessert, sweets)
  • Photos of Princess

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