It’s Princess here again. I wanted to talk about how our Dom/Sub relationship works outside the house. Why restrict the kinky lifestyle to the bedroom? I have a lot of fun making my slave complete tasks in public.

Top 5 Tasks When We’re In Public

No Underwear

When going out, I like to occasionally demand my slave not to wear any underwear. As my slave is usually locked in chastity, it can be a lot more noticeable without underwear, especially when the padlock makes a banging noise on the metal cage. This is a good way of making a slave feel more vulnerable.

If my slave is out with underwear on, it’s also fun to make him go to the bathroom and remove his underwear while in public. It’s even funnier when I set a deadline.

Wearing Makeup

With the covid pandemic and mask-wearing encouraged, I wanted to take advantage of it. I love it when my slave goes out wearing bright lipstick under his mask. The panic in his face as he knows just how easy it is for me to pull it down and expose him in public. He’s always on his best behaviour when we do this task.

Demanding Gifts When Shopping

When we go shopping, it’s so much fun demanding gifts from my slave. It’s even better when my slave isn’t expecting it. I love it making my slave pay for my makeup, new handbags or just a coffee. I deserve to be spoiled and worshipped.

Shopping Slave

Another fun task is making my slave run around doing the shopping while I tell him what to purchase and pay for. If he gets the wrong item, he knows there will be consequences. I like to challenge my slave by requesting very specific makeup.

Wearing Girly Clothes

Making my slave wear girly clothes underneath his jumper is a great way of testing your slave when you go out. It’s another way of making my slave feel on edge as he knows at any minute I could say… ‘Slave, remove your jumper’ which would reveal the girly top he is wearing in public.

This is a good starting point for any Dom/Sub relationship as it can get your slave comfortable in different outfits. You can start with panties and progress over time.

Thanks For Reading

That’s it from me for now. I hope you like these ideas, please give them a try and let me know your favourite public tasks in the comments below.

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