If you read the Submissive Blog regularly, you may know me and my princess decided to take a short break from our BDSM relationship due to the Coronavirus lockdown (read our lockdown blog post). It was a difficult decision to make but an important one, due to limited in-person contact. The time has finally come to resume our Dom/Sub dynamic, which we both have missed.

Before we restarted our BDSM relationship, we discussed our roles, rules and feelings in depth. We decided to start a “Task and Punishment Jar” to help us generate random tasks and punishments for when my princess wants one.

Task & Punishment Jar Idea

The idea of the jar is simple, to allow my princess to set a task or punishment quickly and easily with no additional effort. No thinking involved and it will be completely randomised. Although we have created the task and punishment ideas for the jar, neither one of us will know which one will be next.

How We Created Our Jar

First, we listed a variety of tasks and punishments into a spreadsheet. The cells were made the same sizes with a thick border. We printed the ideas, cut around the borders, folded each idea in half and added each into the jar. Finally, we shook the jar to randomise the different tasks and punishments.

Here are a few examples of tasks and punishment we have within our jar:

  • Pay For Dinner
  • Spa Evening For Princess
  • Princess Chooses A Day Out
  • Princess Chooses Slaves Evening
  • Buy Princess Gift (Up To £20)
  • Pay £5 Fine
  • Pay £10 Fine
  • Make Breakfast In Bed
  • Cook Evening Meal
  • Clean Lounge
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Clean Bedrooms
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean The Dishes
  • Try Something New
  • Lose Chance To Cum For A Day
  • Pleasure Princess
  • Wash Clothes
  • Give Princess A Foot Massage
  • Give Princess A Back Massage
  • Lose Phone For 1 Hour
  • Buy Princess Flowers

Using The Jar

Anytime my princess wants to set a simple task or punishment but doesn’t want to think of an idea, it’s a simple case of picking one from the jar. Once an idea has been chosen and read, it’s placed back into the jar for another time. Princess may even decide to add extra ideas into the jar randomly for an added surprise.

The Submissive Journey Resumes…

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the idea of creating a jar full of different tasks and punishments. Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you and be sure to connect with me on Twitter @SubmissiveBlog.

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