Purchasing new BDSM toys can be exciting and challenging at the same time, with the ever-increasing amount of toys available. In this blog post, I wanted to share the top 5 toys we use and share the good and bad of each.

The Stinger – Electro Play Wand

Good Points: This Stringer is perfect for anyone wanting to get started with electro play. It’s easy to use and ideal for punishing any submissive, you can quickly issue an electric shock to your submissive’s body.

Bad Points: The Stinger is long which makes it challenging to transport. From our previous experience, the wand also holds some charge even once the batteries have been removed, which can make it possible to accidentally shock yourself.

Vented Ball Gag

Good Points: The vented ball gag is a good all-round toy. The product has been designed well with soft leather, strong material and it’s breathable.

Bad Points: The ball isn’t fixed on this particular gag which means it can move a lot during a session. The gag can also dig into the submissives face quite a bit depending on the tightness.

15″ Wooden Spanker

Good Points: This spanker is strong and made of smooth wood. It includes a wrist tie for good grip too. This wooden spanker can cause a sting and teach any naughty submissive a lesson or two.

Bad Points: The only issue with this wooden spanker is it can make a lot of noise, which may not be suitable for certain situations.

Silver Nipple Clamps

Good Points: These nipple clamps are good value for money. They’re well built, strong, have rubber tips and are adjustable to allow you to change the intensity.

Bad Points: The chain between the two clamps is not very long. These particular nipple clamps are not very heavy either, experienced users may prefer clamps with the option to add additional weight for increased intensity.

19″ Silicone Riding Crop

Good Points: This silicone riding crop is another good all-round toy which can cause a good reaction with any submissive. The crop is also easy to clean because of its silicone material.

Bad Points: This riding crop has a plastic bar which makes it feel weak. Similar to the spanker, it can also be loud and may not be suitable for certain situations.

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Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll be writing more about various different toys and reviews again in the near future. As always, feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to know what your favourite toys are!

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