It should be a privilege for submissive men to surrender the key to their locked chastity device to their dominant. Why not have some fun and incorporate a few games? These games could decide the duration the Sub will remain in chastity or whether the cage can be unlocked straightaway.

Here Are 5 Fun Chastity Games

Freeze The Keys – This is a fun game and can be perfect for solo play. Lock the device, put the keys in a tub with water and place in the freezer. Once frozen, it’s a waiting game. This can be easier or more difficult, depending on how much water you freeze with the keys and where you let them unfreeze!

Spin The Wheel – Why not create a custom roulette wheel? (Create a roulette wheel online with The Dom/Sub could choose which choices are available these could include: remaining locked for a certain number of days, having to complete tasks before being released, re-spin in a certain number of days or having the privilege of being unlocked for a short period of time.

Tasks & Challenges – The Dom could specify particular tasks or challenges for the Sub to complete before being rewarded and allowed to remove the device. These tasks and challenges could be made more difficult with deadlines and high standards. Perhaps the Sub must complete all the household chores and write an essay by a particular time or face being locked for an additional duration. 

Roll The Dice – Create your own dice game that’s easy to play, it could require multiple dices. Perhaps the Sub must roll a double 6 to be released with other numbers have consequences. Be creative and you can make it more challenging. Another suggestion would be to only allow the dice to be rolled at specific times (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc) which would increase the chances of the Sub staying locked in chastity for longer.

Hide & Seek – This once involves the Dom/Sub playing hide and seek with the chastity keys. Again, this could be more complex based on the hiding location and even the Dom imposing a deadline to make the Sub panic.

Have Fun Playing Chastity Games…

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Remember, these games can be customised for more fun and various levels of complexity. Hopefully, these examples have sparked your imagination with more ideas. Have your own suggestions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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