Recently I found myself being very bratty and disobedient, so much that I managed to have an orgasm while being locked in a chastity device.

Having broken the rules of our Dom/Sub dynamic I knew to expect punishment for my poor behaviour. I didn’t know when it would happen or what to expect.

Naked Chores

A couple of days after the incident, my princess demanded I complete several household chores completely naked and apologies for my actions while kneeling on the floor in front of her. I was nervous and didn’t know if anything else was coming. Nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen.

CBT Punishment

After apologising, my princess unlocked and removed my chastity cage and ordered me to crawl to the door, kneel on all fours and keep my legs spread apart. Princess decided ballbusting was one of my punishments and so she began. The first kick happened which was painful, yet princess demanded I say thank you for each and every single one and be ready for the next one immediately after. I ended up receiving 10 hard kicks to my balls.

Once the ballbusting was completed, I was quick to apologise again, yet, I was ordered to lay on the bed. My princess started restraining me and then blindfolded me and gave strict orders not to say a word. Everything went silent and I felt abandoned for about 30 minutes. While I was restrained, my princess decided to take time to relax and have a soak in the bath.

Financial Domination

The next minute the blindfold was lifted and my princess was sitting on the side of the bed with her laptop, she decided to purchase a few clothes online and proceeded to add multiple items to her basket, ensuring I could see what was happening. I was instantly aroused. After choosing the items she said “You’ll be paying for all of this slave, ok?”, I quickly agreed and said “Yes, certainly princess”, she pulled out my credit card from her purse and proceeded to checkout.

Tease & Denial

After the shopping was completed, my princess began to tease me. I was quickly on the edge of orgasm as my princess was stroking my cock but immediately stopped when I was close. My princess said, “You don’t deserve any pleasure for a while slave, do you?” and I said, “No, princess, I am sorry for disobeying you”. Princess reached out for the chastity cage and locked me back up.

Once the cage was locked, I knew my next release wouldn’t be for some time and would all depend on my behaviour over the next couple of weeks.

These punishments have certainly made me reflect on my bad behaviour and I have continued to follow all the rules ever since.

The Submissive Journey Continues…

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about my recent BDSM punishments. Please leave a comment or ask any questions below, I would love to hear from you. You can also connect with me on Twitter @SubmissiveBlog.

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