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Finding A Dominant Partner

One of the most challenging aspects of BDSM is finding a partner that shares the same interests as you. It is difficult for submissive individuals, as we are usually eager to find, please and serve a dominant person. How I Found My Dominant Partner Before I found my princess, I was already interested in BDSM

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Review: Classic Metallic Magic Wand

One of the most recent additions into our toy box is the Classic Metallic Wand Vibrator from Lovehoney, a toy both me and princess love to use. The Metallic Wand Vibrator is 13 inches long and has a circumference of 7.5 inches. It’s durable, Latex-Free and Phthalate-Free, made from hard plastic and has a soft

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5 Fun Chastity Games

It should be a privilege for submissive men to surrender the key to their locked chastity device to their dominant. Why not have some fun and incorporate a few games? These games could decide the duration the Sub will remain in chastity or whether the cage can be unlocked straightaway. Here Are 5 Fun Chastity

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Top 5 Toys (The Good & Bad)

Purchasing new BDSM toys can be exciting and challenging at the same time, with the ever-increasing amount of toys available. In this blog post, I wanted to share the top 5 toys we use and share the good and bad of each. The Stinger – Electro Play Wand Good Points: This Stringer is perfect for

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Punishment Time

Recently I found myself being very bratty and disobedient, so much that I managed to have an orgasm while being locked in a chastity device. Having broken the rules of our Dom/Sub dynamic I knew to expect punishment for my poor behaviour. I didn’t know when it would happen or what to expect. Naked Chores

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BDSM Dice Games

Setting BDSM tasks and punishments can be time-consuming and can be hard to know what to choose. Therefore, I have helped create a variety of dice games which my princess can use at any time. The dice game idea is simple and easy to use. You roll the dice for each section of the game

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6 Tips For A BDSM Relationship

Discovering and becoming involved with BDSM can be an exciting experience. You may have stumbled across a particular fetish online or became interested from watching Fifty Shades Of Grey, although what isn’t commonly mentioned is creating a successful BDSM relationship can take time and a lot of patience. Having been apart of a Dom/Sub relationship

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Feminisation which is often referred to as sissification is a common fetish for submissive men. It requires the male to take on a more feminine role which may include wearing make-up, cross-dressing or acting like a female. As a submissive man, I enjoy forced feminisation, which requires my princess ordering me to either wear make-up,

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Task & Punishment Jar

If you read the Submissive Blog regularly, you may know me and my princess decided to take a short break from our BDSM relationship due to the Coronavirus lockdown (read our lockdown blog post). It was a difficult decision to make but an important one, due to limited in-person contact. The time has finally come

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Lockdown Domination

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing, it’s been difficult to maintain the total power exchange dynamic that I have with my princess. This part of our relationship usually works so well due to our regular in-person contact. Making Adjustments Near the beginning of lockdown, we discussed our BDSM dynamic and made a few adjustments to the

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